Yakushima and Sakurajima 3-Day Plan

3 Days

This itinerary takes you to several must-see places on the island of Yakushima, itself a UNESCO natural heritage site, and the volcanic island of Sakurajima, symbol of Kagoshima, for three days full of amazing natural beauty and scenery.

Access From Narita

  1. Day 1

      1. Kagoshima Airport → [50 minutes by Bus] → Kosokusen Terminal Bus stop → [120 minutes by Ferry] → Yakushima Island

      1Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine

      Your first destination is Yakushima’s “Mossy Forest,” where you’re all but guaranteed to be enchanted by the moss-covered rocks and trees that give the place a mystical atmosphere. Choose between three different hiking trails to follow, taking one, three, or four hours.

      1. Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine → [25 minutes by Car] → Hotel on Yakushima

      2Stay at a hotel on Yakushima

      After a day full of hiking, relax for the night at a hotel on the island and enjoy a hearty dinner of mackerel, flying fish and other island specialties.

  2. Day 2

      1. Hotel on Yakushima → [70 minutes by Car] → Senpiro Falls

      3Senpiro Falls

      Although it’s not possible to get up close, the sight of this powerful 60-meter waterfall framed by steep stone cliffs is very picturesque and impressive even from a distance, making it one of the best recognized waterfalls on Yakushima. Visit after a rainstorm to see Senpiro Falls at its most dramatic.

      1. Senpiro Falls → [20 minutes by Car] → Hirauchi Sea Onsen Hot Spring

      4Hirauchi Sea Onsen Hot Spring

      This seaside mixed-gender hot spring is found in the tide pools on the southern coast of the island, and only appears for two hours a day! Enjoy bathing outdoors with the majestic ocean spreading before you.

      1. Hirauchi Sea Onsen Hot Spring → [40 minutes by Car] → Ohko Falls

      5Ohko Falls

      Ohko-no-taki (Ohko Waterfall) has a magnificent 88-meter drop and is deservedly considered one of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls. Visitors can get close to the pool at the base of the falls to feel the refreshing spray.

      1. Ohko Falls → [80 minutes by Car] → Miyanoura Port → [120 minutes by Ferry] → Kagoshima City

      6Stay at a hotel in Kagoshima City

      For dinner on the second night, gourmets will especially enjoy trying the authentic Kurobuta pork cuisine of Kagoshima and sampling the city’s local shochu cocktails.

  3. Day 3

      1. Kagoshima Chuo Station → [15 minutes by Tram] → Kagoshima Port → [15 minutes by Ferry] → Sakurajima Port→ [12 minutes by Bus] → Akamizu Observatory Square

      7Akamizu Observatory Square

      Popular Japanese singer-songwriter Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi performed an all-night concert here in 2004, and a large sculpture memorializing the event is an eye-catching landmark in this park with views of Kinko Bay and Kagoshima City.

      1. Akamizu Observatory Square → [15 minutes by Bus] → Yunohira Observatory

      8Yunohira Observatory

      Located at an altitude of 373m, this observation point is the highest point on Mt. Sakurajima open to the general public, offering superb views of the volcano’s lava fields and, at times, the smoke and ash that erupts regularly from the crater on the south peak.

      1. Yunohira Observatory → [10 minutes by Bus] → Sakurajima Port→ [5 minutes Walk] → Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park Footbath

      9Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park Footbath

      This free footbath is perfect for soaking tired feet after a long day, and at over 100 meters in length, there is space for everyone! The park is located near the shore, just a ten-minute walk from Sakurajima Ferry Terminal.