Kochi Winter Plan (Single Day Itinerary)

Kochi Winter Plan (Single Day Itinerary)

1 Days

Winter in Kochi is mild compared to much of the country, but you’ll still find many ways to warm up with this travel plan that takes you to a natural hot spring, a coastal town with unique traditional architecture, and a global geopark, and ends the day with a special sunset view and hotpot dish of local chicken.

Access From Narita

  1. Day 1

      1. Kochi Station→ [90 minutes by Car] → Kitagawamura

      1Experience a day trip to a spa resort

      There are hot-spring facilities where you can refresh your mind and body.

      1. Kitagawamura→ [30 minutes by Car] → Kiragawa

      2Kiragawa “Typhoon Street”

      Part of Muroto City, Kiragawa prospered in the Meiji Period through demand for its high-quality charcoal by cities such as Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka. As an area frequently hit by typhoons, Kiragawa earned the nickname "Typhoon Street," and a number of clever techniques were used to protect the houses and buildings from inclement weather. The beautiful white walls are highly resistant to wind and rain, and additional protection is provided by special tiles used for the eaves, and stone walls called ishiguro. This style of architecture is unique to the region and adds interest to the historical Japanese feel of the neighborhood.

      Streets of Kiragawa
      1. Kiragawa→ [30 minutes by Car] → Muroto Geopark

      3Muroto Geopark

      Located on the tip of the Muroto Peninsula in eastern Kochi Prefecture, the Muroto UNESCO Global Geopark was established as a place of international geological significance, with numerous features that tell the story of the area's earthquake-filled past, when subduction of the oceanic plate caused uplifting of the peninsula over the course of thousands of years. Today trace fossils, marine terraces, and other evidence of Muroto's ocean past can be seen during walks through the area. Guided tours of Cape Muroto in English are available with reservations, and bicycles can be rented from the Muroto Global Geopark Center for two-wheeled exploration.

      1. Muroto Geopark→ [10 minutes by Car] → Cape Muroto

      4Sunset Mirage at Cape Muroto

      When looking west across Tosa Bay from Muroto-misaki Port at sunset, rising water vapor creates a mirage that gives the setting sun a “keyhole” shape, a phenomenon that can only be seen in winter, weather permitting. A similar effect can be seen to the east with the rising sun.

      1. Cape Muroto→ [60 minutes by Car] → Nankoku City

      5Shamo Chicken Hotpot in Nankoku City

      For dinner head to Nankoku City, where the local specialty of “Shamo nabe”, a hotpot dish of Shamo chicken, is highly recommended. Also delicious is Shamo sukiyaki, which won first prize in a competition in the prefecture for best local dishes.