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Yamagata, 18 Jan.

Ginzan Onsen

Ginzan Onsen Ginzan Onsen Ginzan Onsen

This hot spring town in the mountains of Yamagata was named for its large silver mine (ginzan means “silver mountain”) discovered in the early Edo period. Today most visitors come for its revitalizing hot springs, whose waters are a milky-white, and its romantic atmosphere, with wooden ryokan (Japanese inns) and shops lining both sides of the river, lit by the soft glow of gas lamps at night. Two onsen baths and a footbath are open to day trippers, but consider staying the night for the full Ginzan Onsen experience.

Also notable is Fujiya Ryokan, designed by Kuma Kengo, and 22m Shirogane Falls, a few minutes’ walk outside of town.

Welcome to Yamagata

Tokyo (Narita) to Ginzan Onsen, Yamagata

    1. Narita Airport

      1 h 5 min

      From 4,490 yen

    2. Shonai Airport

      • Bus

      35 min

      840 yen

    3. Sakada Station

      • Train

      1 h 30 min

      1,490 yen

    4. Oishida Station

      • Bus

      40 min

      710 yen

    5. Ginzan Onsen

All listed travel times and costs are approximate.

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