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Tokyo, 16 Jan.


Shibuya ©TCVB Shibuya ©TCVB

Shibuya is famous for its insanely crowded pedestrian crossing and trendy department stores, which draws locals and tourists alike. Everyone wants to meet at the statue of Hachiko outside Shibuya Station. Long a hub for youth culture, Shibuya has many bars, restaurants and live music venues. It is also close to Yoyogi Park, which on the weekends attracts interesting characters, such as kids in elaborate cosplay (costumes) and leather-clad rockabillies. Never a dull moment in Shibuya!


Tokyo (Narita) to Shibuya, Tokyo

    1. Narita Airport

      1 h 20 min

      3,000 yen

    2. Shibuya Station

      • Walk

      3 min

    3. Shibuya

      Shibuya, Tokyo

All listed travel times and costs are approximate.