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Nikko, 16 Jan.

Nikko Futarasan-Jinja Shrine

Nikko Futarasan-Jinja Shrine Nikko Futarasan-Jinja Shrine

As a center of mountain worship, Futarasan Shrine is regarded as an ‘ujigamisama’ – a guardian of the area. It is the oldest of the three World Heritage sites in Nikko, built in 782, and deifies Mt. Nantaisan, a magnificent volcano in the Nikko National Park. The iconic red Sacred Bridge is one of its most well known spots, and the shrine’s architecture and gardens are registered under World Heritage. This shrine is often visited by those praying for marriage, pregnancy, and the safe delivery of babies.

Nikko Kinugawa Travel Guide

Tokyo (Narita) to Nikko Futarasan-Jinja Shrine, Nikko

    1. Narita Airport

      3 h 50 min

      From 4,500 yen

    2. Nikko Station

      • Walk

      40 min

    3. Nikko Futarasan-Jinja Shrine

      2307 Sannai, Nikkō City, Tochigi Prefecture


All listed travel times and costs are approximate.