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Niigata, 20 Feb.

Sake Museum Ponshu-kan

Sake Museum Ponshu-kan

Inside Echigo-Yuzawa station’s Ponshu-kan, you can enjoy different varieties of sake tasting. In the storeroom more than 100 varieties of sake are on display at a temperature of 15 degrees. You can also take a dip in a bath of sake next-door.

Enjoy Niigata

Tokyo (Narita) to Sake Museum Ponshu-kan, Niigata

  1. Narita Airport


    From 4,700 yen

  2. Niigata Station

    50 min

    5,000 yen

  3. Echigoyuzawa Station

    • Walk

    2 min

  4. Sake Museum Ponshu-kan

    2427 Yuzawa, Yuzawa Town (Inside Echigo-Yuzawa Station), Niigata Prefecture


All listed travel times and costs are approximate.