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Narita, 16 Jan.

Kozaki Shrine

Kozaki Shrine

Travelers can pray for a safe trip at Kozaki Shrine, which enshrines Amano Torifune no Mikoto, the guardian deity of aviation, transportation and industry.

The shrine grounds are also home to a huge camphor tree hundreds of years old, designated a Natural Monument. When Tokugawa Mitsukuni saw this tree he reportedly asked, “What might this tree be called?” (“Kono ki wa, nan to yu mon jaro?”) Ever since, it has been called the “Nan-Ja-Mon-Ja Tree.”

Tokyo (Narita) to Kozaki Shrine, Narita

    1. Narita Airport

      30 min

      500 yen

    2. Shimōsa-Kozaki Station

      • Walk

      20 min

    3. Kozaki Shrine

      1944 Kozakihonjaku, Kozaki-cho, Kotori-gu, Chiba Prefecture

All listed travel times and costs are approximate.