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Narita, 24 Jan.

Kimono Rental

Kimono Rental Kimono Rental Kimono Rental

If you’ve ever worn kimono before you know that few other things bring so much authenticity to the Japanese experience. And if you haven’t ever worn a real kimono, the Edo Era atmosphere of Omotesando Street with its many traditional shops is perfect for the occasion.

Kimono rental is available Wednesday through Friday, 10am to 3pm, at Machikado Fureaikan, located right off of Omotesando Street. Kimono can be worn by men, women and children, with a range of sizes fitting heights 100–180cm (39–71 inches) best. Cost is 800 yen per adult and 500 yen per child. Machikado Fureaikan is closed from the end of December to early January, mid-August, and during major Narita events.

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