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Naha, 27 Feb.

The Naha Hari

The Naha Hari The Naha Hari

Dragon boat racing, or ‘Haari’, is a popular annual event held across Okinawa. But the biggest race is the Naha Haari, which takes place every May and attracts more than 200,000 visitors. Smaller races use boats called ‘sabani’, which hold 12 people. But the Naha race uses large, elaborately decorated boats, called ‘haryusen’, which can sit up to 42 people, including gong beaters, helmsmen, and flag bearers. With excitement in the air and the sound of drums, the port transforms into a festival atmosphere, with live performances, food vendors, games, and fireworks in the evening. You can also get the chance to board one of the dragon boats!

Be. Okinawa

Tokyo (Narita) to The Naha Hari, Naha

    1. Narita Airport

      2 h 55 min

      From 5,800 yen

    2. Naha Airport

      15 min

      300 yen

    3. Asahibashi Station

      15 min

      300 yen

    4. Tomaritakabashi Bus Stop

      • Walk

      10 min

    5. The Naha Hari


All listed travel times and costs are approximate.

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