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Naha, 25 Sep.

The eclectic city of Naha is the capital of Okinawa and has no shortage of places to see and fun things to do in this island paradise.


Things to Do in Naha


Kokusai Street

It’s always crowded, always local, and always fun – Kokusai Dori or International Street is a 1.6km strip in the heart of the city known as the ‘miracle mile’.

The Naha Hari

The Naha Hari

The biggest race is the Naha Haari, which takes place every May and attracts more than 200,000 visitors.


Seifa Utaki

Although many sacred places or ‘utaki’ are found all over Okinawa, Seifa Utaki, tucked away in the rural south-east of the island, is the most revered.

Okuma Beach

Okuma Beach

Almost a kilometer long, Okuma Beach’s smooth white sand, sparkling waters and colorful beach cottages are picture perfect.

Yachimun Street

Yachimun Street

Okinawa pottery or ‘yachimun’ has a history of more than 400 years, and is known for its high quality and distinctive style.

Busena Beach

Busena Beach

Busena Cape boasts an luxury resort, a marine park with an underwater observatory, and a beach with a pier offering marine activities, such as glass bottom boats.

Blue Cave (Okinawa Main Island)

Blue Cave

One of the most famous spots on the island, the Blue Cave draws divers, kayakers and snorkellers who all want to see the stunning sapphire colors hidden inside.

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