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Nagasaki, 19 Feb.

Ōura Church / Oura Cathedral

Ōura Church / Oura Cathedral ©2018 Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region

Oura Cathedral is the oldest wooden church of gothic architecture existing in Japan. It was built in 1864 by a French missionary, and was thus known by the people of Nagasaki at the time as the “French Temple.” This church was dedicated to the 26 martyrs who had been executed on Nishizaka Hill; the bronze statues in Oura Cathedral and on Nishizaka were built to face each other.

Visit Nagasaki

Tokyo (Narita) to Ōura Church / Oura Cathedral, Nagasaki

  1. Narita Airport


    From 5990 yen

  2. Nagasaki Airport

    45 min

    900 yen

  3. Nagasaki Eki-mae

    20 min

    120 yen

  4. Ouratenshudo Stop

    • Walk

    5 min

  5. Ōura Church / Oura Cathedral

All listed travel times and costs are approximate.

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