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Nagasaki, 02 Dec.

Nagasaki Peace Park

Nagasaki Peace Park

After the atomic bombing of the city, it was said that grass and trees would not grow on this spot for 75 years. Yet Peace Park is now full of trees, flowers and works of art donated by countries all over the world in support of the city’s prayer for peace.

The Peace Statue was created by sculptor Seibo Kitamura, a Nagasaki native. The raised right hand pointing to the sky depicts the threat of the atomic bomb, and the left hand stretching horizontally symbolizes eternal world peace, while the slightly closed eyes express a prayer asking that the souls of the victims may find rest. A poem is carved into a memorial plate in front of the park’s fountain, written by a child who suffered from thirst in the immediate aftermath of the bombing. The fountain, brimming with water, is an offering to all those who lost their strength before they could drink a single drop. Every year, a Peace Memorial Ceremony is conducted in front of this statue.

Visit Nagasaki

Tokyo (Narita) to Nagasaki Peace Park, Nagasaki

    1. Narita Airport


      From 5990 yen

    2. Nagasaki Airport

      45 min

      900 yen

    3. Nagasaki Eki-mae

      13 min

      120 yen

    4. Peace Park Tram Stop

      • Walk

      3 min

    5. Nagasaki Peace Park

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