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Nagasaki, 19 Feb.

Hashima (Gunkanjima, Battleship Island)

Hashima (Gunkanjima, Battleship Island)

Hashima is also known by its nickname “Gunkanjima” (Battleship Island) due to its unique silhouette. Hashima flourished as a coal mining community starting in 1890. In 1974, when the coal mine closed, the island was completely deserted. Now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historical value, Hashima began receiving greater attention world-wide after serving as the model for the “Dead City” in the James Bond movie Skyfall (2013). Attack on Titan (2015) was also filmed on this island. Today, boat tours are offered to Hashima.

Visit Hashima

Tokyo (Narita) to Hashima, Nagasaki

  1. Narita Airport


    From 5990 yen

  2. Nagasaki Airport

    45 min

    900 yen

  3. Nagasaki Eki-mae

    • Walk

    10 min

  4. Nagasaki Port

    • Ferry

    30 min

    4200 yen

  5. Hashima

All listed travel times and costs are approximate.

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