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Nagasaki, 25 Nov.



During Japan’s long period of national seclusion (1641-1859), Dejima was the only door open to Europe and gave Nagasaki the status of Japan’s sole international trading port. Dejima played an important role in the development of culture, industry, and science in Japan by serving as a gateway to the West.

As part of the ongoing process to restore Dejima to its 19th century state, foundation stones, stone walls and many other remains were excavated and some are exhibited inside the carefully reconstructed buildings. Other exhibitions, including the history of Dejima and Western learning, provide visitors with a sense of everyday life on Dejima.

Visit Nagasaki

Tokyo (Narita) to Dejima, Nagasaki

    1. Narita Airport


      From 5990 yen

    2. Nagasaki Airport

      45 min

      900 yen

    3. Nagasaki Eki-mae

      5 min

      120 yen

    4. Dejima

All listed travel times and costs are approximate.

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