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Mount Fuji, 16 Jan.

Oshino Hakkai Springs

Oshino Hakkai springs ©Yamanashi Tourism Organization

Known as the “Spring of the Gods” since ancient times, Oshino Hakkai Springs is a cluster of eight hot springs (“Hakkai” literally means “Eight Seas”). Once a grand lake, eruptions from Mt. Fuji separated the area into these attractive ponds, the banks of which are populated by the traditional Japanese buildings. The still waters, handsome surroundings and dramatic backdrop of Mt. Fuji make Oshino Hakkai endlessly photogenic.

Official Travel Guide Yamanashi

Tokyo (Narita) to Oshino Hakkai Springs, Mount Fuji

    1. Narita Airport

      3 h 30 min

      From 3,300 yen

    2. Fujisan Station

      20 min

      500 yen

    3. Oshinohakkai Bus Stop

      • Walk

      3 min

    4. Oshino Hakkai Springs

      Shibokusa, Oshino-mura, Minami-tsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture


All listed travel times and costs are approximate.