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Mount Fuji, 16 Jan.

Narusawa Ice Cave

Narusawa Ice Cave Narusawa Ice Cave Narusawa Ice Cave

Formed by one of Mt. Fuji’s eruptions long ago, Narusawa is an enigmatic exploration into the bowels of Mt. Fuji. The cave is conveniently located just off of the Mt. Fuji Panorama Line Highway, and even in the height of summer, the enigmatic Narusawa Ice Cave is frozen all year around, making it an excellent way to escape the summer heat.

Official Travel Guide Yamanashi

Tokyo (Narita) to Narusawa Ice Cave, Mount Fuji

    1. Narita Airport

      3 h 30 min

      From 3,300 yen

    2. Fujisan Station

      40 min

      800 yen

    3. Fuketsu Bus Stop

      • Walk

      5 min

    4. Narusawa Ice Cave

      8533 Narusawa-mura, Minami-tsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture


All listed travel times and costs are approximate.