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Matsuyama, 26 Feb.

Saijo Festival

Saijo Festival Saijo Festival Saijo Festival

The Saijo Festival is a magnificent spectacle featuring around 150 traditional wooden floats called danjiri. The highlight of the festival is the “Kawairi,” held on 16 October, when approximately 80 floats form a line along the banks of the Kamo River and lanterns are lit for the mikoshi portable shrines to be taken to Isono Shrine toward evening. The festival’s grand finale sees the many floats from Isono Shrine surround the mikoshi shrines to prevent them crossing the river.

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Tokyo (Narita) to Saijo Festival, Matsuyama

    1. Narita Airport

      1 h 40 min

      From 6,000 yen

    2. Matsuyama Airport

      • Bus

      15 min

      500 yen

    3. Matsuyama Station

      1 h 5 min

      3,200 yen

    4. Iyosaijo Station

      • Walk

      10 min

    5. Saijo Festival


All listed travel times and costs are approximate.

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