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Kochi, 16 Jan.

Yosakoi Festival

Yosakoi Festival Yosakoi Festival

Kochi City’s energetic Yosakoi Festival is one of Japan’s ten largest festivals, held every August since 1954. The festival starts with a fireworks display, putting the entire city in a festive mood. Thousands of dancers perform, including visiting dance teams from around the country. The music and dance routines vary from traditional to modern, but all dancers continue the tradition of using wooden clappers called naruko. Leading up to the festival in spring and early summer, mini performances are held on Sundays, and there are even related events after the main festival, so be sure to ask when you visit. The Kochi Yosakoi Information Exchange Center, open year-round, can also you a taste of the festivities.

Visit Kochi

Tokyo (Narita) to Yosakoi Festival, Kochi

    1. Narita Airport

      1 h 55 min

      From 4,990 yen

    2. Kochi Ryoma Airport

      • Bus

      25 min

      720 yen

    3. Kochi Station

      • Walk

      10 min

    4. Yosakoi Festival

      2-2-10 Otesuji, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture

All listed travel times and costs are approximate.

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