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Kochi, 02 Mar.

Streets of Kiragawa

Streets of Kiragawa Streets of Kiragawa Streets of Kiragawa

Part of Muroto City, Kiragawa prospered in the Meiji Period through demand for its high-quality charcoal by cities such as Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka. As an area frequently hit by typhoons, Kiragawa earned the nickname “Typhoon Street,” and a number of clever techniques were used to protect the houses and buildings from inclement weather. The beautiful white walls are highly resistant to wind and rain, and additional protection is provided by special tiles used for the eaves, and stone walls called ishiguro. This style of architecture is unique to the region and adds interest to the historical Japanese feel of the neighborhood.

Visit Kochi

Tokyo (Narita) to Kiragawa, Kochi

    1. Narita Airport

      1 h 55 min

      From 4,990 yen

    2. Kochi Ryoma Airport

      • Car

      1 h 40 min

    3. Kiragawa

      Kiragawa-cho, Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture

      1,200 yen

All listed travel times and costs are approximate.

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