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Kochi, 21 Jan.

Chikurin-ji Temple

Chikurin-ji Temple Chikurin-ji Temple

Chikurin-ji Temple is located at the summit of Mt. Godai (“Godaisan”) in Kochi City, and is home to a magnificent five-story pagoda as well as numerous important cultural artifacts. Established in the eighth century, Chikurin-ji has a long history and is one of Japan’s top three temples dedicated to the Manjusri bodhisattva, called Monju in Japanese. The temple is an important stop along the 88-temple pilgrimage route of Shikoku, and the only one with Manjusri as its principal image. The temple grounds are also well-known for their beautiful cherry blossoms and azaleas in spring and changing leaves in the autumn.

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Tokyo (Narita) to Chikurin-ji Temple, Kochi

  1. Narita Airport

    1 h 55 min

    From 4,990 yen

  2. Kochi Ryoma Airport

    • Bus

    25 min

    720 yen

  3. Kochi Station

    • Bus

    30 min

    1000 yen

  4. Chikurinjimae

    • Walk

    3 min

  5. Chikurin-ji Temple

    3577 Gotaisan, Kochi City, Kochi


All listed travel times and costs are approximate.

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