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Kanazawa, 26 Feb.

Nagamachi Yuzenkan (Yuzen Silk Center)

Nagamachi Yuzenkan (Yuzen Silk Center)

Of course, what trip to Japan would be complete without an opportunity to wear kimono? At the Nagamachi Yuzenkan kimono shop, you can buy their famous Kaga Yuzen kimonos and dresses which are made using their special dying process. Travelers can even see their many exhibited kimonos on display.

Kanazawa Tourist Information Guide

Tokyo (Narita) to Nagamachi Yuzenkan (Yuzen Silk Center), Kanazawa

    1. Narita Airport

      11 h 5 min

      From 5,900 yen

    2. Kanazawa Station

      15 min

      200 yen

    3. Korinbo Bus Stop

      • Walk

      5 min

    4. Nagamachi Yuzenkan (Yuzen Silk Center)

      2-6-16 Naga-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture


All listed travel times and costs are approximate.