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Ishigaki, 16 Jan.

Yaeyama Soba

Yaeyama Soba Yaeyama Soba Yaeyama Soba

Okinawa comprises many small islands, each with its own special local dishes made with native ingredients. So when visiting Ishigaki, be sure to try Yaeyama Soba, a hearty noodle soup topped with pork, fish cakes, and green onions. Locals like to add some island pepper and awamori chili to the soup broth, which is made from pork bone, skipjack tuna and konbu (seaweed). The traditional Yaeyama noodles are distinctively round compared to the flat noodles used on the Okinawa main island, and completely different from typical buckwheat soba in the rest of Japan. Enjoy the unique flavors of the islands when in Ishigaki!

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