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Hakodate, 24 Mar.

Onuma Park

Onuma-Koen Onuma-Koen Onuma-Koen

Located just north of Hakodate, Ōnuma is a small nature resort area in a quasi-national park, dominated by an active volcano Mt. Komagatake. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and cycling in a wonderful landscape of mountains, lakes and forests, all only 30 minutes by express train from JR Hakodate Station.

TRAVEL Hakodate

Tokyo (Narita) to Onuma Park, Hakodate

  1. Narita Airport

    1 h 40 min

    From 6,000 yen

  2. Hakodate Airport

    • Bus

    20 min

    About 500 yen

  3. Hakodate Station

    • Tram

    30 min

    About 300 yen

  4. Oonuma-koen Station

    • Walk

    5 min

  5. Onuma Park

    Nanae-cho, Kameda-gun, Hokkaido, Hokkaido Prefecture


All listed travel times and costs are approximate.

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