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Amami, 26 Sep.

Honohoshi Beach

Honohoshi Beach ©K. P. V. B

You might hear it before you see it – the sound of the gentle tumbling of round, smooth stones being turned over in the waves. This is the only beach in Amami where this happens and it is really a distinctive sound. Honohoshi Beach is slowly becoming more well known to tourists, but largely remains off the beaten path.

Nonbiri Amami

Tokyo (Narita) to Honohoshi Beach, Amami

  1. Narita Airport

    2 h 50 min

    From 6,400 yen

  2. Amami Airport

    • Car


  3. Honohoshi Beach

    Sokaru, Setouchi, Oshima, Kagoshima Prefecture


All listed travel times and costs are approximate.