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Amami, 20 Oct.

Gamozaki Kanko Park

Gamozaki Kanko Park

This park is more than just a pretty spot to take in the sunset – it is also an important historical site. After a crushing defeat in battle, a group of samurai fled to Amami Oshima, and posted guards on both sides of the entrance to Kasari Bay to keep watch for invasion. The Gamozaki Shrine honors Gamo Zaemon, one of the samurai soldiers who served here. The ocean views from the top of the observatory park are well worth the climb.

Nonbiri Amami

Tokyo (Narita) to Gamozaki Kanko Park, Amami

  1. Narita Airport

    2 h 50 min

    From 6,400 yen

  2. Amami Airport

    • Car

    54 min

  3. Gamozaki Kanko Park

    Amami, Kyoraumi, Kobo, Kagoshima Prefecture


All listed travel times and costs are approximate.