Shukkeien Garden, Hiroshima – Highlights, Seasonal Events And Access

Shukkeien is a Japanese garden located in Hiroshima. The garden is designated as one of Japan’s Top 100 Historical Parks and a National Scenic Spot. “Shukkei” indicates the tight packing of picturesque scenery from various areas in one place. Just as its name describes, the garden has a pond and islet at its entrance and is characterized by its structure, from which you can sense the splendor and beauty of nature.

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Tokyo (Narita) to Shukkeien Garden, Hiroshima

  1. Narita Airport

    1 h 40 min

    From 3,700 yen

  2. Hiroshima Airport

    • Bus

    45 min

    1,500 yen

  3. Hiroshima Station

    • Walk

    15 min

  4. Shukkeien Garden

    250 yen

All listed travel times and costs are approximate.