Popular Restaurants in Dotonbori for the King of Osaka’s B-Class Cuisine: Okonomiyaki

Popular Restaurants in Dotonbori for the King of Osaka's B-Class Cuisine

It’s hard to think of a better Osakan soul food than okonomiyaki. There’s plenty of toppings to be had, and plenty to go around. The sizzle of mix on the griddle, the scent of the sauce wafting filling the store, the fluttering bonito flakes on top, all of it entices the appetite. Dotonbori is a particularly contested spot for okonomiyaki, where popular establishments all duke it out against each other. From Michelin restaurants to veteran establishments, we’ll look at three notable okonomiyaki spots!

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Tokyo (Narita) to Osaka, Osaka

    1. Narita Airport

      1 h 25 min

      From 3,500 yen

    2. Kansai International Airport

      1 h 15 min

      1,200 yen

    3. Osaka

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