All About Hina-Matsuri: Japan’s Doll Festival

Hina Matsuri

As the weather warms, and Japan says farewell to winter, another Japanese holiday is right around the corner: It’s time for Hina Matsuri! Occurring every March 3rd, Hina Matsuri literally translates as ‘Dolls Festival.’ However, it is also known as ‘Girls’ Day’ because it is a special day for families to celebrate their young daughters, praying for their success and happiness. The most iconic image of this event is the displaying of beautiful hina dolls, ‘hina ningyou‘, dressed in Heian Era imperial court clothing. You can often see these dolls on a red carpet-covered, tiered platform. Traditionally, the emperor and empress dolls are placed at the top tier, with other court members placed on the lower tiers.

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